9 Dating Red Flags

Don't continue to date him if he does any of these...
He may seem like the perfect date. At first. But when the beer goggles wear off, turns out Prince Charming isn't so charming after all. If you see any of these dating red flags, think twice about letting yourself get too into him. He's not The One if...

1. It's all about him

It takes two to tango; it's the same way for convos. If he's literally monopolizing the talk and bragging how he's been there and done that, chances are that any relationship that you would have will be completely one-sided. Yes, he may be rattling on about his fascinating life story to impress you, but point is, he doesn't even bother to get to know you. That's not going to change.

2. He's distracted

This guy is perpetually connected. Throughout the date, he alternates his attention between you and his Blackberry, and that stupid Bluetooth never leaves his ear. Clearly, he doesn't have the courtesy to give you his undivided attention. Clearly, you should just disconnect him -- from your life.

3. He's a whiner

You barely went out together a couple of times, and he's already pouring out his sob stories to you? Red flag! Do you really want to hang out with a depressing bloke who's constantly ranting about his boss, talking bad about his ex and griping about life? Watch out -- if he badmouths an ex, he can badmouth you, too.

4. He's too vain

Just because he's good-looking, wears designer shirts, sports a Rolex, and has an expensive ride doesn't mean he is a good catch. Don't be fooled by his outward appearance -- all the blings he's flaunting only shows how frivolous he is with money. If he squanders his paycheck to feed his vanity, don't expect him to have any savings for the future. Remember, a man who is overly obsessed with himself and his material things has no room to value you.

5. He expects you to pay

Etiquette 101: It's chivalrous for a man to pay on the first date -- or at least go Dutch. If he's unwilling to flash his own cash but expects you to pick up the tab, he's either really stingy or really broke. And both aren't good signs.

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