Is The Guy's Height A Dating Deal-Breaker?


Take our poll. Plus, celeb couples who didn't let height disparity issues get in the way of love!
When it comes to dating, is the guy's height a major consideration for you? If he's much taller or shorter than you, will it be a deal breaker? Or do you find that judging a man by his stature is just too shallow?

If there's a really big height difference between you and your partner, there's bound to be that occasional inquisitive look from strangers, especially when you're a public figure. But there are plenty of celeb couples who are not going to let the vertical divide get in the way of their devotion to each other -- and kudos to them!

Celeb couples with huge height differences

The latest pair is newlyweds Kim Kardashian and her basketball player beau Kris Humphries. The diminutive Kim is 5'2" (157cm), while her hubby towers over her at a staggering height of 6'9" (206cm).

Another star couple with an impressive height difference is multiplatinum Black Eyed Peas' singer 5'2" (159cm) Fergie and her hunky husband Josh Duhamel who is 6'3" (192cm) tall.

Then there's petite Jada Pinkett (5' or 152cm) who is married to actor Will Smith (6'2" or 187cm) and have two children Jaden and Willow together.

And actress Isla Fisher at 5'3" (160cm) also looks up to lanky comedian husband Sacha Baron Cohen (6'3" or 191cm), and cares little about the height disparity between them.

These women may have paired up with men who tower over them, but at least they get to wear their 3-inch Jimmy Choos as often as they like.

Celeb couples with the taller woman

Being the taller one in the relationship likely means giving up on your stilettos, but for these statuesque actresses, height differences didn't stop them from falling in love with the man of their dreams: Oscar-winning actress Nicole Kidman (5'11" or 179cm) who's happily married to Keith Urban (5'10" or 178cm); and Katie Holmes (5'9" or 175cm) and Tom Cruise (5'7" or 172cm) who have a daughter Suri together.

These celeb couples prove that love really does come in all shapes and sizes. Are you equally cool about the vertical gap issue or does a big height difference matter to you? We want your vote and views!

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