14 Valentine's Day Ideas!

Romantic, exciting (and pretty unique!) treats that won't break the bank.
Valentine's Day is the perfect opportunity to get romantic, but what if you've had one too many candlelight dinners, and want to try something more original this year? To help you out, we've got some awesome tips from relationship experts so you can plan your perfect treats for your valentine!

1. Create memory books

Get a blank book and fill it with ticket stubs, cartoons from the newspaper -- anything that you know will make your partner smile, says relationship expert Lissa Coffey. Write down happy memories and examples of what you love about your partner and leave them on the bookshelf so it can serve as a romantic reminder in the future.

2. Make a mix tape

"Make a mix CD of songs from when you were dating or when you got married," suggests Coffey.

3. Plan candy surprises

Give your sweetheart a sweet surprise by leaving candy kisses or Valentine heart conversation candies in places he won't expect, says Coffey. Be creative and leave him wondering where the next candy might be!

4. Go-kart

You know about guys and their love for motor and speed. Now show him you know how to handle mean machines, too. Have plenty of fun challenging him to a race around the track.

5. Make a romantic screensaver

Does your partner switch on the computer first thing in the morning? If the answer is yes, it's a perfect opportunity to put up a sweet screensaver. "Make a personal 'I love you' screensaver or wallpaper and have it on the computer when they turn it on in the morning," says Coffey.

6. Get a temporary tattoo

Ink your partner's name on your body with a henna tattoo. Don't worry -- it's not permanent!

7. Keep it simple

Sometimes, it's the little things that mean the most. Getting the car washed and filled up may seem mundane and unromantic but to him, it can come across as a lovely, thoughtful gesture, Coffey advises.

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