Will Love Last? Read Those Lips!

Research reveals how the size of your pout can forecast your relationship destiny.
What's your love destiny? That apparently depends on the size of your pout, according to a study from the University of Leicester in England.

Couples whose lips are of a similar size and shape are more likely to stay together. The researchers found that 88 percent of happy couples had lips that mirrored each other's.

The study also showed that while men are instantly attracted to women with a luscious pout, they don't consider them marriage material. In fact, women with thinner lips are 57 percent more likely to have longer relationships than their pouty-lipped counterparts. Ditto for men: Thin-lipped guys are 39 percent more likely to have a longer-lasting relationship compared to men with full lips.

The size of your kissers can also reveal loads about your personality, say the researchers:

If you have...

  • A large mouth: You're laid back, relaxed, easy, generous, and enjoys being in the middle of life.
  • A small mouth: You're independent, strong-willed, precise, have great endurance and fighting spirit.
  • Full lips: You're emotional, passionate, sensual, expresive, talkative and outgoing.
  • Thin lips: You're efficient, achieving, disciplined, make clear and precise statements, and get on with life without fuss.

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